Van Gonzales is the #3 ranked tennis player within his friend group, a collector of Art Books he has no intentions of reading and, a sore monopoly loser.

Van Gonzales is currently in Regina, Saskatchewan studying Arts Education in The University of Regina with a concentration in Visual Arts.

  • Summary Of Learning
    Did you know you can record a presentation on Canva? I didnt either but canva surprises me everyday. Here is my summary of learning. Thank you everyone for engaging in my nonsense!
  • Signing off
    The last step to our Printmaking journey is to sign our prints. Singing your art works have been an artists traditions for a very long time. Even cave paintings sometimes have a hand print. The signature have become part of the art making progress and it shows that the artist is finished and satisfied withContinue reading “Signing off”
  • Wrap up Summary!
    Thank you so much for reading the last post of my learning project. I have learned so much about printmaking and am confident in bringing this experience into the classroom to now explore with students. I can’t wait to see what they will come up with and how they will use the medium of printmakingContinue reading “Wrap up Summary!”
  • Printing and the Finished Product!
    Printing in this case will be the simplest part of the process. Long story short we put in on top of the block and press it on a piece of paper, its big stamp. The video above is the guide I used for printing at home! There are many ways you can print a blockContinue reading “Printing and the Finished Product!”
  • Carving the Lino!
    The next step into the Lino printing process is to finally carve the Lino. When carving Lino many use wood carving tools, using the many shapes and sizes that it is available in to create specific carves, shaper lines and wider cuts. This video tutorial goes through how to SAFELY and successfully carve linoleum forContinue reading “Carving the Lino!”